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Step Sequencer | Product code:


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Along with the MS-20, its "trusted" friend, the SQ-10 step sequencer, appeared on the market in 1978. Now thirty years later, along with the reborn MS-20 Mini, the SQ-10 has evolved into its more modern form, the SQ-1.

The SQ-1 is a compact 2x8 step sequencer. Its rich connector set allows you to connect the MS-20 and a multitude of other synthesizers. You can connect not only old analog synthesizers to this device, but also contemporary instruments. You can switch between different synthesizer modes or use the step buttons to create sequences as easily as on the "Volca" series instruments.

Free yourself from editing a plethora of parameters on your DAW system. You'll enjoy true musical inspiration, where you'll train your ears and focus more on what your fingers are doing. Don't miss out on the experience of music that is driven by your instincts!

Connect and control your MS-20 and many other devices.

Unlike the then prevalent V/Oct control mode, the CV circuit design on the MS-20 has always used the Hz/V standard, which provides great tuning stability. However, this was a limiting factor for many step sequencers. The SQ-1, as a descendant of the SQ-10, supports the Hz/V standard allowing proper control of the MS-20 or MS-20 Mini. Full support in the V/Oct standard is also a given. The output voltage on the CV OUT* as well as the polarity of the GATE output can be adjusted to allow you to connect and fully control any device. This versatility allows you to connect and control a wide range of synthesizers.

In terms of connectors, the SQ-1 offers two CV/GATE OUT channels, a standard MIDI OUT, USB MIDI, LittleBits OUT (for connecting LittleBits synthesizer kits from LittleBits Electronics Inc.) and a SYNC IN/OUT channel for connecting "Volca" series instruments and Korg Monotribe. Compact and fully equipped with all the features you need, the SQ-1 is the ideal hardware sequencer.

* In V/Oct mode, it supports 1V, 2V, and 5V; in Hz/V mode, it supports 8V.

Different sequencer modes

The SQ-1 contains two channels (A and B) of 8 steps each, these can operate sequentially or be used in various other modes. For example: you can use the two channels so that they follow each other to get a 16-step sequence, the ignore sequence function allows you to play the steps in random order, or you can use channels A and B to control different parameters while running simultaneously. From simple sequences to complex changes, you can choose from many modes to find the one that best suits your needs.

The step buttons taken from the "Volca" series provide excellent possibilities for improvisation. You can use the 2 x 8 step buttons in the usual way, i.e. to switch a note on/off in a given step, or use the MODE button to change the function of the step buttons, opening up many new possibilities for working with the sequencer exactly as it is on the "Volca" series instruments.

The "Active Step" function allows you to skip any steps from the sequence, and the "Step Jump" function instantly starts playing the step corresponding to the step button you just pressed, thus achieving the effect of a short loop or irregular rhythm. The "Slide" function creates the effect of a smooth continuous transition between steps, for a typical "ACID" bass line sound.

Other features

The resolution of the sequencer steps is switchable (quarter, eighth or sixteenth note). You can choose the way the knob works to control the tuning of each step. Either use this knob to tune the pitch directly, or select the nearest note belonging to the selected major, minor or chromatic scale.
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  • Colour: Black
  • Software: N/A
  • Input Ports: 1x Sync IN Jack 3,5 mm TS
  • Output Ports: 2x CV OUT Jack 3,5 mm TS, Sync OUT Jack 3,5 mm TS, 2x Line Jack 3,5 mm TRS/TS
  • Battery Operated: Yes
  • Sequencer: Yes
  • Number of Sounds: N/A
  • USB to host: Yes
  • USB to device: No
  • USB midi: Yes
  • Width: 193 mm
  • Depth: 84 mm
  • Height: 63 mm
  • Weight: 0.64 kg
  • Country of Production: Vietnam
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