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Post-warranty service

We offer instrument and sound equipment repairs to all musicians, regardless of whether they purchased their instruments from us or not. These services are available to anyone upon agreement with personnel. Minor repairs and fine tuning are performed onsite (repair pricelist). If time permits, we perform simple repairs while you wait. More complicated repairs on instruments and electronic equipment are performed at our headquarters in Prague district, where we have a specialised workshop with expert repair staff. In exceptional cases when we are not able to resolve a problem, we will certainly advise you whom to turn to. If you would like more information on these services, contact our specialists:

Service and Claims
tel.: 169 941 99, Mon-Fri 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


What can we fix?

Guitar and bass guitar amps

  • all repairs
  • speaker replacement
  • tube replacement
  • custom repairs (tuning)
  • replacement of damaged jacks
  • restoration of older amps

Keyboard instruments

  • all repairs
  • cleaning keys and maintenance
  • update firmware
  • tuning key dynamics

Guitars, bass guitars, ukuleles, banjos ...

  • all repairs, see pricelist below

Sound and DJ equipment

  • all repairs
  • mixing console maintenance
  • cleaning dust and dirt from treble speakers
  • speaker replacement
  • improving the sound of cheaper models
  • custom installation of devices in rack and their internal connections

Stage equipment

  • cleaning and maintenance of fog machined and light effects

Repair instructions

Simply being your equipment to the store and fill out a handover report (check out opening hours). When you hand over your equipment, let us know the maximum price you are willing to pay for the repairs, and we'll establish an anticipated finish date. The customer can pick up their repaired equipment at any of our branches, or we can send it to them for the price in the pricelist.

Repair pricelist

Repair types (guitars, bass guitars, banjos, ukuleles...)with VAT
Replacement of strings, potentiometer, switch, jack (1 pc + price of part)€ 4
Installation of strap buttons€ 4
Jack replacement – hollow-body guitar (1 pc + price of part)€ 8
Mechanics replacement (4-6 pcs) (+ price of parts)€ 8
Installation of electronics in acoustic guitar € 18
Exchange/modification of fret (+ price of part)€ 18
Exchange/modification of bridge saddle (+ price of part)€ 8
Cleaning instrument, including impregnation of unlacquered fretboard € 8
Electronics check/connection repair€ 8
Exchange of pickup on electric guitar/microphone inserts€ 10
Finish repair after fall (depending on condition)€ 10 and up
Unwinding SC/HB or SER/SC/PAR (for 1 pickup + HW price)€ 10
Soldering passive pickup€ 14
Soldering active pickup€ 28
Gluing head€ 17-25
Gluing neck€ 17-25
Gluing bridge (depending on condition of connected surfaces)€ 20-30
Gluing cracked sides (based on consultation)€ 17 and up
Gluing cracks in soundboard/back (based on consultation)€ 17 and up
Gluing loose/cracked ribs in acoustic guitar (based on number)€ 17 and up
Straightening frets, including gluing loose parts (back to original condition)€ 17- 35
Fret replacement (up to 5)€ 40
Fret replacement (up to 10)€ 43
Refretting entire fretboard€ 72
Refretting maple fretboard€ 100
Adjusting instrument without tremolo€ 14
Adjusting instrument with single-locking tremolo€ 17
Adjusting instrument with double-locking tremolo€ 25
Hourly rate for special repairs€ 17
Repair type (music technology)Price with VAT
Basic diagnosis – passive technology (passive cabs, cabling, etc.)£ 17
Basic diagnosis – active cabling€ 17
Expanded diagnosis – complicated devices€ 35
Replacement of electronics – we typically use electronics from JJ Electronic
– the price of the work depends on the type of electronics:
1 x EL84€ 24
2 x EL84€ 43
4 x EL84€ 70
1 x EL34, 6L6€ 40
2 x EL34, 6L6€ 64
4 x EL34, 6L6€ 90
small electronics (12AX7, ECC83)€ 10/pc
Hourly rate for special repairs€ 17

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