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We love music and everything around it. Our company was founded in 2000 and today we have customers all over Europe. With our enormous inventory, we offer the best selection of musical instruments for all styles and genres. We continuously improve our services for customers and our offer of top brands from all over the world continues to expand. Our employees are music lovers themselves and this is more than obvious in everything we do.

Our story

Circumstances in the world have triggered an economic crisis. But we have managed to overcome it and we are moving on! We are setting up a small gardening colony near the Modrany shop, which we are stylishly naming PlayGarden. Our colleagues harvest a crop full of peppers, tomatoes, zucchini, gourds and herbs. We are expanding the Fender Custom Shop and becoming the only CS2 dealer for Eastern Europe.


We start 2022 with big ambitions and plans. But as the saying goes: "Guitars change, God changes." The war in Ukraine has impacted all spheres of our lives and corporate goals. We have taken a clear stance on the situation and have supported Ukraine and its people. We are co-locating a new warehouse so that we can significantly expand our product offering and improve our service. We are dedicated to the further development of the Razzor workshop, where our skilled colleagues produce excellent cases for musical instruments, with which we are becoming a market leader in this field. After a long break, we are organising the Festiwall event. Big stars and brands come, we organize dozens of concerts, workshops and a fair.


We made it through the difficult year of 2020 in good shape. Thanks to our hard work, we made it through the crisis like victors and we even managed to grow a little in these difficult times. At a time when most companies were letting employees go, we were hiring more workers, and in the spring of 2021 we successfully entered the Spanish, Dutch and Irish markets. Today we offer our services in thirteen European countries.


Kytary celebrate 20th birthday! Before we celebrate, even bigger challenge comes in the form of worldwide pandemic. In spite of all odds we keep our cool and do our best to adapt ourselves to the new situation the fastest way possible to handle the situation the best we can. And what is the result? Our customers appreciate new services, strengthened customer service and fast transformation of the company, which was confirmed by lots of placed orders. Even in the times of the worldwide economic crisis we are still hiring new colleagues who help us to fill in newly opened working positions! The whole situation made us stronger, ironically, and we are impatiently looking forward to being able to celebrate our 20th birthday with our colleagues, customers and friends. We are going to thank all of them for the amazing support and for their interest in music even during the hardest of times.


We store more than 20 000 products in our central warehouse. We also launch our own brand of custom flight cases Razzor Custom Cases. Youtube pořad ON AIR


We finish reconstruction of our new base. We succeed in building a large modern shop with a wonderful display of musical instruments, café, and vast background which includes practise rooms and other services. The new Boutique section in our shop offers carefully chosen vintage instruments with their own story. By changing the back area of the building is the warehouse enlarged for additional 1400 m2. Prodejna Praha Modřany


We celebrate fifteen years We begin our international expansion and launch a customer feedback system. Due to our ability to collect and analyse the data quickly, we are able to improve our weak spots.


The technology used to create our e-shop and our information system is insufficient, therefore we hire new programmers and start to completely rewrite the code. We start using a new logo, a smiley face with combed hair. We keep the logo up ‘til now.


In 2006 is our shop on Dekanka opened. It is only 200 meters far from our original shop which had 85m2 in size and was not possible for us to expand it further. We acquire space of 700m2 in size which serves us for next two years. Děkanka - adaptace prostor


This is the year of expansion of our team. It is clear, that our year-to-year expanse which is in hundreds of percent is not manageable in four people. Whereas in January 2005 is the company run by 4 people, in December the team consists of 14 people. Interesting thing is the sky rocketing increase of sales.


The number of online shopping customers increases and our sales increase as well. Honza and Vláďa know that there is a bright future for Kytary and that is it the right time to establish the company Audio Partner s.r.o., which covers all our activities.


We open our first shop.. It is in the room which used to be a baby-carriage storage room, situated in the basement floor of a block of flats. We do not have any shop window, and everything must be squeezed into 16m2 of space. Also, the first employee is hired who, except for working in the shop helps with packing of orders from our e-shop. Naše první prodejna


By the beginning of the year, Vladimír Myslík joins the project. He enriches it with modern technological methods and takes the responsibility for development of the e-shop. Contrary to their current competition both partners foresee the bright future of e-shops. Apart from the cooperation, a friendship between Jan and Vladimír is born which foreshadows the establishment of very strong team. As active musicians they both dream of a large timeless shop with musical instruments which would belong only to them and to their customers. This idea will stay with them along the way and will influence their further decisions.


A bass player Jan Pils establishes the company. He programmes the first version of the e-shop and accepts the first orders. He dispatches strings and tuners from his apartment, but he later builds up a company which sets the pace on the Czech market with musical instruments.

We still have a plenty of ideas, plans, and goals. We are thankful to the whole music comunity for being with us all along. It would not be possible without you and without your passion for music. Thank you for favor and let us have a wish: play music, inspire, improve and share. It is all about it.
Yours Kytary.ie

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