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Rating and review rules

Ratings published for products help other customers to choose goods. We use star ratings and text reviews.

  • The customer gives a rating using stars - 1 star meaning the worst rating, 5 stars indicating the best. These ratings are then used to calculate the average, which is shown by each product together with information on the number of ratings awarded for each level (number of stars) and the percentage of recommendations. All verified and unverified purchases are included in the star rating (see below for the difference between verified and unverified purchases).

    In addition, the customer can write a text review listing and describing the advantages and disadvantages of the product.

    If some reviews only contain stars, that means that the customer did not use the option to write a text review.

  • Ratings and reviews can be given by all registered customers.

  • After a rating is given, the system evaluates whether the customer has purchased the product in question or not. If the system shows that the reviewer actually purchased the product he or she rated, the review is flagged as a Verified purchase.

    Reviews marked Unverified purchase contain reviews of a product that the customer may have purchased somewhere other than via our portal.

  • With some products, you can also find reviews given through third-party channels - the comparison website Heureka.cz, Heureka.sk, Arukereso.hu and Compari.ro. These reviews are always verified, as they can only be given by a customer who purchased the product through our foreign subsidiaries. These comparison websites send customers an e-mail with a unique link, which enables them to give a review. These are marked as "verified reviews".

    These reviews are marked as: Verified review from Heureka.cz Verified review from Heureka.sk Verified review from Arukereso.hu Verified review from Compari.ro

  • Your personal experience with the products you have purchased from us is welcome feedback for us and can also serve as a valuable source of inspiration for other customers. Please bear the following points in mind when writing a review.

    • Your review must not be vulgar or offensive to others.
    • Do not include links to other websites in your review.
    • In your review, give a truthful description of your own experience with the product. Do not create duplicate reviews.
    • Take care to protect your privacy and that of others. Do not include your personal information or third-party information in your review.
    • Do not copy other people's texts.
    • Your review must be relevant and relate to the product itself, not to shipping, payment or other services.
    • If your goods arrived damaged, do not write a review about that, but contact our claims department instead.
    • Questions should not be included in your review. If you have any additional questions about the goods you have purchased, please use the dotazů na detail produktu or contact our customer care department.
    • Kytary.ie reserves the right not to publish or to delete reviews that in any way violate the above rules or the applicable legislation.

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