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Business terms

Basic information

Our main aim is the maximum satisfaction of our customers, a goal to which all of our activities and the behaviour of our staff are subordinated. We conduct regular research of the global musical instrument market so that we can always offer you the best price-quality ratio. Our products are sold with a three-year warranty.
We have extended the legally mandated period for purchase agreement withdrawal to 30 days. When you purchase goods at our stores, you have the possibility to exchange goods for others within 30 days.

We try our absolute best to accommodate your wishes.


Mezi vodami 23
143 00 Praha 4
COMPANY ID NO.: 27114147, VATIN: CZ27114147
Tel.: 169 941 99


A natural person or legal entity that creates a binding order for goods from the store. The current offer of goods is published on the website of the operator at


A purchase agreement is created on the basis of a binding order forming the basis for the subsequent sale of goods. The order becomes binding the moment it is accepted by the seller. A binding order must contain these basic formalities: name and address of the buyer, including telephone number or email address, the number of requested pieces of a precisely specified product, the requested payment method, the delivery method, the price of the product and shipping cost. The order is deemed binding for both parties assuming there is no violation of conditions contracted during the ordering process. In the case of a purchase of specific goods that must be ordered at the wish of the customer from the manufacturer or supplier, the seller is entitled to request a deposit of up to 100% of the purchase price.

Expenses for the use of remote means of communication

The buyer shall pay expenses for the use of remote means of communication on their own.

Purchase without VAT for EU customer outside of the Czech Republic

If a customer requests an invoice without VAT, they must fill out their Company ID No. and VATIN on the order and write 'Issue Invoice without VAT' in the comment field. If these conditions are not met, the invoice will be issued as usual with VAT and cannot be changed once the goods are shipped.

Prices of goods

The prices of goods are the same in the e-shop and at stores. The buyer receives goods at the price valid at the time the order is placed. Certain goods may be discounted for a limited amount of time. The seller reserves the right to cancel a discount if the given product is sold out.

Information on goods

The description and technical specifications of goods presented on this website are based on information from manufacturers and can change over time.

The seller reserves the right to update or change this information as required. The seller is not liable for errors in the descriptions and technical specifications.

Payment for goods and shipping

The goods remain the property of the seller until they are paid for in full. The buyer can pay the total price of the order:

  • By bank transfer in advance – the buyer sends the full amount to the seller's bank account at Raiffeisenbank a.s. In this case, the order is realised once the total amount of the order is credited to the seller's account.
  • Fast and secure online payment with PayU.
    See the Payment Methods section for details.


  • Ordered goods will be shipped as soon as possible based on the availability of products and the operational possibilities of the seller. The delivery period given on the seller's website is only an estimate and can differ from the actual delivery time.
  • The shipment method and the place of delivery are established on the basis of the order. The seller will arrange delivery to the specified address. The package with goods is always insured.
  • The seller's contracted carrier delivers goods throughout the Europe. The cost of shipping is governed by the pricelist in the Shipping section.
  • There are no shipping limitations connected with the goods we sell.

Cancellation of an order by the customer

  • The buyer can cancel an order as long as it has not been shipped and a deposit has not been provided. Orders can be cancelled by phone at 169 941 99.
  • If the buyer cancels an order for which a deposit was required, the deposit is not refundable.

Cancellation of an order by the seller

The seller reserves the right to cancel an order or part thereof in the following cases

  • The ordered goods are no longer produced, supplied or have been unavailable for a long period of time.
  • The price of the goods has changed substantially or was incorrectly established.

In the event that the buyer has already paid part or all of the purchase price, this amount will be refunded in cash or transferred to their account as soon as possible.

Warranty period

A 3-year warranty is provided on the goods. A 12-month warranty is provided on goods designated as used, opened or damaged.


The buyer has the right to return goods according to the Claims Code published in the Claims section .

Dispute resolution

Disputes between the seller and buyer will be heard before the municipal court.

The platform for online dispute resolution found at can be used to resolve disputes between the seller and the buyer arising from a purchase agreement.

Withdrawing from purchase agreement

The buyer is entitled to withdraw from the purchase agreement under the conditions set forth in the section Withdrawing from purchase agreement.

Discounts and coupons

Unless stated otherwise, discounts, sales events, coupons and other special price offers cannot be combined. The customer can apply only one discount to each order.

Gift certificates and conditions for their use

The value of the gift certificate will be deducted from the price of the goods at the time of purchase. If the value of the gift certificate is higher the price of the goods, it is not possible to return cash on the certificate or exchange it for cash. The gift certificate can only be used once. In the case of a claim or withdrawal from the purchase agreement on an order paid for with a gift certificate, the refund is handled by means of a replacement gift certificate.
The purchase of goods is governed by the valid conditions and the Claims Code of AUDIO PARTNER, s.r.o. Lost or stolen gift certificates cannot be replaced

Customer bonus

The aim of the bonus is to reward loyal customers. The bonus works as virtual cash the customer earns for each order placed in their name and matched with their customer account. Each product is assigned a specific bonus (not a fixed amount – can change over time) that the customer receives regardless of whether the purchase is made at one of our stores, online or by phone. If the order is not placed online, the customer must share their customer account number to which the bonus will be credited with the salesperson. 1 bonus point =Ł 1, which can then be used to reduce the price of any future order. The bonus can be used to reduce the price of an order by up to 50%. If the customer returns the goods or cancels the order, the points are deducted from their account. The current status of the 'My Bonus' account is available by logging in to your customer account; click on your name in the upper right corner of the e-shop to open the menu and select 'My Bonus'. reserves the right to add or substract bonus points at its own discretion. A used bonus point is not refundable. If a customer uses a bonus, they will not receive it back if, for example, they return goods.

More info on the customer bonus is available here.

Privacy Policy

Further information on Privacy Policy can be found here here.

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