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The musically positive mission of Kytary

A company is made up of people. People who uphold certain values in their personal and professional lives, and act accordingly. Here at Kytary we have a unique set of company values that we share within our team. They are imprinted with the inner attitudes of the owners who founded the company, as well as the other colleagues who gradually came to join them.

In pursuing our musically positive mission, we abide by our values and at the same time are aware of the responsibility that our position in the European market places on us. How we treat our customers and employees, how we comply with the relevant legislation, how we impact the environment – in all this we are helping to shape the general perception of what is normal. We play a part in forming the business and hence the social environment in Europe.

Our values

1. Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our primary long-term priority and takes precedence over immediate business profit.

• We strive to help our customers responsibly in every way we can, living up to their expectations and the trust they have placed in us.
• Our pursuit of customer satisfaction must be evident in everything we do and everything we say.
• We listen to our customers and see feedback as an opportunity to further improve the quality of our services.
• We love music. We are experts and understand what we sell. We are able to give advice to beginners and professionals alike.
• Besides sales, we keep our customers satisfied by offering a range of additional services. In our service centre we set up and repair instruments and electrical equipment.
• We take a sensitive approach to complaints. We know that such situations are unpleasant for the customer and try to be as obliging and helpful as possible.
• We arrange the transport of returned goods at our own expense.
• We give more to the community. We create quality content for our customers. We shoot a number of educational and entertaining videos, post articles in our on-line magazine, record podcasts, and organise Festiwall.

2. Employee satisfaction

We spend a lot of time at work and it is important to us that we all feel good there.

• Everyone in our team believes in the work they do. We help people experience the joy of music.
• We have a great team, one that is devoted to our mission. We grow our team with the very best of the best.
• We’re like a perfectly tuned orchestra. We help one another. We don’t like conflict or intrigue, and speak frankly and sincerely.
• Our employees deserve a pleasant working environment. Step by step, we are investing in improving their workplace.
• Everyone is entitled to fair pay conditions. We show our appreciation for expertise, enthusiasm and loyalty.
• We are constantly fine-tuning the benefits we offer our employees. Usual and unusual.

3. Environmental impact

We strive to minimise the impact our business has on the environment.

• By repairing equipment in our electrical service centre, we are giving it a second chance.
• By servicing and repairing instruments, we make them play for longer.
• We dispose of electrical waste in an environmentally-friendly manner, including for our customers.
• We support environmentally-friendly projects – we have our own beehives and our own honey, which we are glad to share with our customers.
• It goes without saying that we sort ordinary waste properly.
• We sort paper, plastic, glass, batteries and strings.
• As far as packaging material goes, we sort cardboard and packaging film.

4. Support for culture and other benefits to the community

By supporting cultural events we return some of the money we make back to the musical community. We also consider charity to be an inherent aspect of a responsible and mature company, and have been supporting charitable events for a long time now.

• We support charities and organisations, such as to help children at risk or children with disabilities and their families.
• We supply instruments to selected children’s homes free of charge. We support sheltered workshops.
• We support endowment funds that help young people fighting various types of illness.
• We support music festivals and concerts.
• We organise Festiwall – our own event, which is a trade fair, workshop and concert all in one.

5. We have our finances and taxes under control

We understand that the construction of schools, hospitals, motorways and other infrastructure must be funded from somewhere. Our parents' pensions, free health care and entitlement to education are all funded through taxes. We feel a responsibility and want to share in these expenses.

• We do not use tax havens and so do not avoid our statutory tax levies.
• We have a simple and transparent ownership structure.
• We abode by the applicable legislation and play fair.
• Every year our accounts are subject to a strict independent audit.

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