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NUMARK Mixtrack Platinum FX

DJ Controller | Product code:


Price incl. VAT 23%

We offer the best price

Expected on 11.12.2023

Mixtrack Platinum FX brings a new pro layout, a complete effects unit and six effects and effects levers (familiar from Numark Scratch), giant 6" jogs, professional 100mm pitch faders and completely redesigned integrated displays. Includes Serato DJ Lite software + a 3-month subscription to the Tidal streaming service.

The real DJing starts here!
The Mixtrack Platinum FX is a modern 4-channel DJ controller that has everything a creative DJ needs in the 21st century. At its core, it houses a 24-bit sound card with great sound, features an FX section for intuitive and fast effects work, large 6" rotary jogs equipped with clear hi-res displays and 16 multi-function pads for cuebods, autoloops, fader cues or sample firing. No matter the genre or style, Mixtrack Platinum FX will be a reliable partner for you at parties, smaller events and when developing your DJ skills. The Mixtrack Platinum FX is the gateway to a world of truly creative DJing that you can put your own unique spin on.

Mix like a BOSS!
At the heart of the Mixtrack Platinum FX console is a pair of effects "paddles" for easy, intuitive control of Serato DJ effects and six dedicated buttons for quick triggering of the most popular effects such as Echo, Reverb, Flanger, Phaser, HPF (High Pass Filter) and LPF (Low Pass Filter). Everything you need to build the perfect mix, the perfect gradation before a drop, or an unforgettable transition that highlights your own DJ signature is just a touch away.

Size matters!
Mixtrack Platinum FX's oversized 6" capacitive yoga consoles are touch-sensitive and provide excellent control over the track being played and the entire mix. Their size allows for more precise cue point adjustments as well as an authentic, turntable-like scratching feel. The rubberised side section is then great for fine-tuning speeds and synchronisation during the mix. Built-in high-resolution displays show BPM information, time remaining on the track, key lock, pitch value and, for comfortable scratching, the position of the playback "needle". So you can fully concentrate on your performance without the distraction of looking at a computer monitor.

Spice up your DJ show
Ordinary playback is boring. Give your performance a kick and bring a good bit of honest DJ craft to it. Create catchy remixes, fresh mash-ups or completely reimagined tracks in moments with the 16 multifunctional, colour-lit pads on the Mixtrack Platinum FX console. With a simple toggle, you can jump between cue points, turn on creative autoloops, blast samples or use unique fader cues (an effect that emulates real scratching) to create something completely new, unique and distinctive.

The spectacular Auto Loop
The Auto Loop feature on the Mixtrack Platinum FX controller makes it easy to mix and blend tracks. Using the buttons directly on the controller, you can easily shorten or lengthen loops to create creative transitions and electrifying gradations.

Mix with four decks
Although it may not seem like it at first, Mixtrack Platinum FX offers the ability to play from up to 4 decks, which you simply switch between using the "Deck Select" buttons directly on the controller. So you can not only add more tracks to your mix, but also experiment with different loops and samples, enrich your mixes with catchy acappella or vocals, and create remixes or mash-ups on the fly without being limited to just 2 channels.

Serato on board: the cutting edge of DJ apps
Mixtrack Platinum FX comes bundled with the Serato DJ Lite app, for which it is also fully mapped at the factory. Serato DJ Lite includes demo tracks and a range of practical tutorials to help new DJs with their first mixes or effects. Serato DJ ranks among the absolute top in its field and the Lite version is designed to be as intuitive, reliable and feature-rich as possible.

Millions of tracks at your fingertips
Your music library will be endless and the dance floor will never stop rocking. By combining the Mixtrack Platinum FX console with the Serato DJ Lite app, you get access to millions of tracks from TIDAL or Soundcloud that you can instantly incorporate into your DJ show with an internet connection. And if you want to unlock even more advanced features, just upgrade to Serato DJ Pro.

Ready to go!
As if all that wasn't enough. Mixtrack Platinum FX is always ready to deliver maximum performance. It lacks nothing the modern DJ needs. A snappy plug & play USB connection, a complete mixing section with 3-band EQ, filter knobs, channel shifters, crossfader, extra-long pitch faders, microphone input, RCA (Cinch) output and headphone outputs completely cover everything you need for your next DJ set.

SoundSwitch for 2 months free extra
Take your DJ show to a new and exciting level with SoundSwitch lighting control software. SoundSwitch bridges the gap between DJ apps and lighting systems with perfect synchronization of lighting to playback audio and built-in lighting automation. Take the visual side of your set to the next level - try SoundSwitch today - for free!

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  • Compatibility: Windows 10; macOS 10.15, 10.14, 10.13
  • DJ Accessory Type: DJ Controller
  • Software: Serato DJ Lite
  • Input Ports: Jack 6,3 mm TS
  • Output Ports: 2x RCA, Headphone Jack 6,3 mm/3,5 mm TRS
  • USB: Yes
  • Integrated sound card: Yes
  • Colour: Black
  • Width: 536 mm
  • Depth: 246 mm
  • Height: 51 mm
  • Weight: 2.3 kg
  • Adapter included: No
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