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Electric Drum Kit | Product code:

This product is no longer available for purchase

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The TD-27K mid-range kit offers the captivating sound and response you'll only find in V-Drums. At its core is a powerful new TD-27 sound processor packed with premium, customizable drum and cymbal sounds. Advanced digital sensing technology recognizes every nuance of your playing, while the oversized drum and cymbal pads offer an exceptional feel set in a spacious acoustic-style layout.

Dive deeper with Prismatic Sound Modeling
Derived from the flagship TD-50, the TD-27 sound module is packed with percussion that comes to life just like acoustic instruments. At the top are samples of the finest drums, percussion and cymbals - both classic and modern - recorded in world-class studios. Roland's unique Prismatic Sound Modelling technology is then applied to these, bringing them to life with behavioural modelling honed over more than two decades. When you strike a drum or cymbal, you're not just triggering a stored sound - you're playing a fully-fledged instrument that responds in every aspect just like its acoustic counterpart, leaving you with an unrivalled range of sounds at your fingertips.

Pads and cymbals
Snare and toms feature Roland's legendary multi-layered blanks that offer unsurpassed response. The cutting-edge Roland technology used in the pads adds even more realism to your V-Drums experience. With multiple pickups and lightning-fast processing, you get amazing response that lets you use realistic technique in the most natural way. Subtle snares, rim shots, cross sticks, all are precisely recorded and reproduced on the 10" snare drum. 10" hi-hat cymbals mount on standard acoustic hi-hat stands, 13" ride and 12" crash cymbals mount on sturdy arms for great mallet response and authentic "swing" (snare and hi-hat stands not included). The cymbal then offers a wide range of tones and the ability to subtly mute the sound through the body.

Create and customize your own unique kit
With acoustic drums, you create your own sound by changing the type of blanks, adjusting the tuning, dampening, adjusting the string tension, changing the hammer on the kick drum, and so on. With the TD-27 module, all of this is possible and you can create special kits for any situation. Just select the pad with a swipe, then use the manual controls and intuitive editing tools to create the sound you want. Plus, your edits are automatically saved so you can always focus on playing. You can even record your own samples, layering them on top of the internal sounds for an even more individual kit.

PureAcoustic Ambience Technology
The new PureAcoustic Ambience technology optimises each rig to create an incredibly natural and immersive soundfield as you play. You can go even further and adjust the microphone position on each rig to engage the overall sound with newly developed overhead microphone simulation. And the advanced built-in multieffects and mixing options represent the power of an entire studio console as you control transients, parametric EQs, compressors, Reverb, Delay and much more.

Powerful performance and studio connectivity
The TD-27KV offers fantastic sound for live performance and recording, thanks to a wide range of connection options. The TD-27 module has stereo outputs for overall sound, as well as two direct outputs for routing kick, snare or other sounds to the console for separate mixing. In the studio, the built-in USB audio interface makes computer music production a breeze, offering up to 28 channels of audio via a single cable. The MIDI standard is also supported via USB and a dedicated interface, so you can connect to other MIDI devices and trigger sounds in computer programs.

Bluetooth connectivity and built-in teaching tools
With built-in Bluetooth connectivity, the module can wirelessly stream audio from your phone or laptop, making it ideal for playing with headphones. You can play along with your favourite song or combine the kit with audio from a YouTube video collection. Built-in learning features develop your skills and track your progress, while an advanced metronome refines your sense of rhythm. Plus, you can record your performance at any time, listen to it and see what you still need to work on.

Expanding your kit is a breeze
With the TD-27KV, you don't have to settle for an unchanging kit. With the TD-27's three additional digital trigger inputs, it's easy to add tom pads and digital cymbal and snare pads to your arsenal, taking your entire rig to a whole new level. Whatever your ideas, these trigger inputs open the door to your dream drum kit.
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  • Number of Sounds: 728
  • Number of Presets: 100
  • Metronome: Yes
  • MIDI: Yes
  • USB: Yes
  • Pedal: No
  • Drumsticks: No
  • Hardware Kit: No
  • Country of Production: Malaysia
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