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Digital Piano | Product code:


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Roland introduces the new LX700 digital piano series with a minimalist design and compact dimensions that make it ideal for modern homes and smaller spaces. The LX708 offers Pure Acoustic Piano Modeling technology with a very natural and rich concert grand piano sound. The playing experience is enhanced by the Hybrid Grand Keyboard which, thanks to advanced sensory technology, conveys every detail of your playing. Digital modelling generates tone in real time, making your playing more dynamic and the piano sound richer. Thanks to the combination of wood and synthetic ivory, it not only offers an authentic playing feel, but also increased durability. A three pedal system consisting of Sostenuto, Damper and Soft helps you achieve the weighted sound of a concert grand piano right in your own home.

Every pianist will surely be thrilled with the presence of two piano modes, European grand and American grand. European grand offers a particularly powerful deep piano sound, while the American mode is influenced by the sound of 20th-century pianos characterized by their luminosity in the upper reaches. For home practice, there is a metronome and a built-in recorder to easily assess your progress. You can save your recordings to a USB flash drive, from which you can also play your favourite songs or MIDI files. If you practice with headphones, you'll appreciate the Headphones Acoustic Projection technology, which provides natural surround sound. In addition to USB, the piano can be wirelessly connected to tablets or computers via Bluetooth to enjoy a range of music, notation apps or jam with your favourite songs. The Roland LX708 is compatible with the Piano Every Day, Piano Designer mobile apps.

The keyboard of any LX700 series piano feels natural and expressive when played thanks to several innovations. The white keys are a combination of beautiful wooden sidewalls and a durable internal frame that ensures years of reliable operation without constant maintenance. The pivot point on the black keys is 2cm further back compared to the white keys, making them easier to press, so you won't get tired when playing for long periods of time. Both the black and white keys are longer than those on conventional digital pianos. This extra length reduces the weight difference between the edge and the end of the key. In addition, all keys are equipped with a stabilizing pin that ensures precise and smooth vertical movement, prevents lateral movement, and reduces tapping when playing the glissando technique on some instruments. The result is a keyboard with an optimal balance of resistance, intensity and recoil on which you can play anything.

The Roland LX708 offers you 4 pairs of speakers of 10", 4.75", 1" and a total power of 74 W. The piano offers a wide range of sounds with almost 400 songs, the piano control itself is adapted to home and live playing. The top model of the LX700 series allows the top of the piano cabinet to be flipped off for authentic sound and is available in three colors, so it can also become a stylish addition to your home.

Roland will provide you with a 10-year extended warranty on this piano. To qualify for the extended warranty, register your product at within 90 days of purchase.
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  • Colour: Black
  • Keyboard: Hybrid Grand Keyboard
  • Keyboard Type: Hammer-Action
  • Keyboard Surface: Synthetic Ivory
  • Number of Keys: 88
  • Automatic Accompaniment: No
  • Learning System: No
  • Speaker Output: 74 W
  • Number of Sounds: 324
  • Input Ports: Line Jack 3,5 mm TRS, USB A
  • Output Ports: 2x Jack 6,3 mm TRS, 1x Headphone Jack 3,5 mm TRS, 1x Headphone Jack 6,3 mm TRS, USB B
  • Polyphony: 256
  • USB to host: Yes
  • USB to device: Yes
  • USB midi: No
  • Width: 1395 mm
  • Depth: 491 mm
  • Height: 1180 mm
  • Weight: 110.5 kg
  • Country of Production: Malaysia
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