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NOVATION Launchpad Pro MK3

USB/MIDI Controller | Product code:


Price incl. VAT 23%

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The third generation Launchpad Pro has new preset controls for faster mapping in software and improved 64 touch pads that are now even more responsive and backlit with RGB LEDs for better visibility, giving you great visibility especially during nighttime live performance and studio sessions. The rear panel has also undergone a change, where you'll now find a modern and fast USB-C port.

The pad is fully compatible with Ableton Live software (included), just connect it via USB cable to your PC/laptop or other MIDI device and you can start creating your new recordings. You control the software via 16 touch pads that allow you to easily navigate the program without a single mouse movement. Included in the package is the software and a USB cable to connect to your device.

Enhance your performances
Launchpad Pro is the most advanced and simplest grid controller for Ableton Live Lite. It integrates seamlessly and makes controlling Ableton Live as simple as possible by allowing you to manually control clips and tracks in one of four modes: Session, Note, Device and User. There's nothing to set up; simply plug Launchpad Pro in and start playing - you're all set.

Control everything
Whatever software you use, Launchpad Pro lets you control it, just like external hardware. Plug it directly into Logic Pro and use it as a keyboard, or plug MIDI into Bass Station II and play riffs directly on the grid.

Play clips instantly
The 8 x 8 RGB pad grid glows in the colors of your clips in Ableton Live, so you can fully focus on triggering them and combining loops and ideas.

Scale mode
The pads automatically assign notes to one of 32 scales and modes, so there's no reaching around.

Create dynamic beats
Drum racks automatically spread out and light up on the grid, making creating expressive beats and drum parts simple on the dynamically sensitive pads.

Play it like an instrument
You can easily play notes, scales and chords on the grid because Launchpad Pro lights up its pads in a melodic layout. As you press the pad, you'll get feedback from the RGB LEDs; if you're in Standalone mode, you can use the grid to control software or hardware instruments.

Mix without losing focus
View the mix section in the middle of a performance, for example, so you don't fall out of the flow. You don't need any external mix module; press and hold the Mixer button (just like Mute or Volume), make the change, then release the button again to return to the original view.

Easily control effects
Control any Ableton effect or instrument directly while you play to add reverb, beat repeat, or filters. The grid turns into eight dynamically responsive vertical cues with LED feedback for subtle effect transitions.

Thin, lightweight and modular
This controller was made for live playing. Its compact size makes it easy to fit into a backpack, yet it's also resistant to the rigors of life on the road. You can power it via USB or use the power supply (included) to take full advantage of the extra bright RGB LED pads in club lighting. Like all Launch products, you can connect it to other Launchpads and the rest of your studio or concert set-up.

Make music right away
You don't need to install any drivers: just install the music software, plug in and you can start playing straight away. With Launchpad Pro you get Ableton Live Lite, one of four XLN Audio Addictive Keys, Novation Bass Station and V Station virtual instruments + 4GB of Loopmasters loops.

Practice your rhythm
Use Melodics to improve your drumming skills for free.

Get started now
Get started with Launchpad in seconds: Launchpad Arcade is a space where you can immediately dive into making music using Launchpad's familiar user interface.

Untethered jamming in Logic Live Loops 10.6
The third-generation Launchpad Pro is now also compatible with Logic Live Loops version 10.6, offering you convenient control and easy live looping with this intuitive MIDI controller.
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  • Software: Ableton Live Lite, XLN Audio Addictive Keys, Klevgrand R0Verb, Klevgrand DAW Cassette, AAS Session Bundle, Softube Time and Tone bundle
  • Battery Operated: No
  • Input Ports: USB-C
  • Output Ports: N/A
  • Colour: Black
  • USB midi: Yes
  • Adapter included: Yes
  • Country of Production: China
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