Hercules DJ DJControl Inpulse 200

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A new DJ controller suitable for more advanced DJs who want to take their production and mixing of new records and live sets one level further. The controller is fully compatible with DJUCED, which in addition to mixing music, allows you to use music from Beatport Link, Beatsource, Soundcloud, Tidal (if you have a premium account) and also offers tutorial videos to introduce and learn the art of DJing. You'll have two touch-sensitive Jog wheels, eight responsive backlit RGB pads and an intuitive control panel to make mixing and producing songs as comfortable as possible.

The integrated audio interface lets you store your mixes in audio quality up to 24bit/44.1kHz. Use the USB port to connect to a PC or laptop, and detailed monitoring is provided by the headphone and speaker outputs.

DJing for all
The atmosphere is tuned. Hercules adds a new dimension to learning how to become a DJ by focusing on the importance of ear training. The first technique that all professionals or aspiring DJs must master is beatmatching.

The most important rule for mixing music is to match the tempo of both tracks so that they can be played smoothly and without breaking the rhythm. This is the reason why Hercules has developed a unique range of two controllers: the HERCULES DJCONTROL INPULSE 200 and the HERCULES DJCONTROL INPULSE 300, which are equipped with a "beatmatch" guide. When enabled, the auxiliary arrows near the tempo fader and jog wheel light up and guide the budding young DJ to the correct procedure.

This valuable aid to aspiring DJs is included in the DJUCED® DJ software, which also includes interactive help and video tutorials from Hercules DJ Academy so that you can learn the basics of DJing and improve your skills. It offers a direct and intuitive approach, without exiting the program. Convenience is guaranteed.

Please note that the DJUCED® 40° program has been renamed DJUCED® as of September 27, 2018. The new version of DJUCED® offers a more intuitive and comprehensive interface with a simpler and smoother workflow for both beginners and advanced users. All the drivers that worked on DJUCED® 18° will continue to work, but to take advantage of the new updates the DJUCED® team recommends downloading the new version of DJUCED®. All drivers will work with the new DJUCED®. For more information, please visit Djuced.com.

A key benefit of the new DJ Hercules solution is the Intelligent Music Assistant (IMA), which was developed by the R&D team. The IMA allows all DJs to decide which song is most suitable to play, whether in the learning stage or during a performance:

Available exclusively on DJUCED®, this feature uses software AI to reveal tomorrow's hottest songs to help you build a new playlist and ensure your mix is "in".

Suggests the best songs from your computer's music library.

Allows you to create the perfect atmosphere at your party and fill the space with the energy you want. The range of energies is from blue (cooler atmosphere) to red (warmer atmosphere more suitable for dancing), you can set the desired atmosphere at any point during the evening.

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  • Integrated sound card Yes
  • DJ Accessory Type DJ Controller
  • Compatibility Windows 10 ->; macOS 10.14 ->
  • Colour .Black
Inputs and outputs
  • Input Ports N/A
  • Output Ports Jack 3,5 mm TRS, 2x RCA
  • USB Yes
Dimensions and weight
  • Width 320 mm
  • Depth 195 mm
  • Height 49 mm
  • Weight 0.9 kg
  • Software DJUCED
  • Adapter included No
Country of production
  • Country of Production China
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