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Keyboard with Touch-Sensitive Keys | Product code:

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Yamaha's new PSR-E373 and PSR-EW310 keyboards are suitable for teaching and performing. They are the new standard in Yamaha portable keyboards, featuring dynamic keyboards and an all-new LSI tone generator that delivers a range of high-quality sounds.

Yamaha PSR-E373

The PSR-E373 features a newly developed LSI tone generator that delivers amazing sound quality enhancements and high-quality effects. With this new LSI tone generator, you can enjoy a comprehensive library of 622 sounds perfectly suited to any genre, as well as unique sounds with Super Articulation Lite technology reproducing the trills and string noise of stringed and plucked instruments such as cello and mandolin.

The PSR-E373 models offer impressive expressive capabilities thanks to a range of effects similar to those found in high-end models, and a keyboard with stroke dynamics sensitivity to enrich your playing with subtle dynamic nuances. It also comes with an auto-accompaniment function that offers a variety of musical genres from around the world, such as jazz, R&B and Latin. Enjoy playing the built-in tracks and songs easily thanks to the tutorial features. These handy lessons will help you practice the built-in songs and improve your playing skills. The teaching functions are arranged for optimal learning bringing you joy. So just choose the appropriate lesson and take your keyboard playing skills to the next level.

A rich selection of high quality sounds

PSR-E373 models feature Yamaha's latest LSI tone generator, delivering the best sound quality yet offered in an instrument of this type. Enjoy 622 amazing sounds, including guitars, bass, strings, saxophone, trumpet, drums and percussion, as well as pianos, organs and other classic keyboard instrument sounds that together form a comprehensive sound library. You can even layer two different sounds on top of each other throughout the keyboard to enrich your performances with the "Dual Voice" feature!

Articulation Lite's super sounds

"Super Articulation Lite" is the ability to reproduce sounds according to different playing techniques unique to specific acoustic instruments that were previously difficult to emulate. For example, if you choose a guitar sound, you can realistically reproduce the sounds of a distorted guitar and flageolet for a guitar with nylon strings.

A keyboard with stroke sensitivity allows for expressive and dynamic playing

Enjoy playing on a dynamic keyboard that accurately reflects every nuance of your playing, making your performance more musically expressive. Play the keyboard harder for louder notes, and play it softly for quieter notes to achieve true dynamism in your music. These keys also take playing and learning to the next level, allowing you to play even more complex pieces.

Enrich your playing with effects

The PSR-E373 features a DSP digital signal processor that allows you to enrich the sound with a variety of built-in effects to customize it to your playing. When you select a sound that includes the recommended DSP settings, the selected DSP effect is applied to the Main part of the sound.

Smart Chordd

You can choose between two methods of entering chords: 'Smart Chord', which allows you to play chords simply with one finger, or 'Multi', which allows you to play chords normally with all the individual notes. Smart Chord mode allows you to play chords using a simple technique that helps your performances sound great.

Smart device connection

The digital world opens up ways for you to practice, record and produce music! Connect your smart device to the instrument and take advantage of the many fun features in the app, such as "Rec'n'Share", which allows you to simultaneously record audio and video along with a song from your music library on your device and share your performance with the world.
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  • Number of Keys: 61
  • Key Size: Standard
  • Touch-Sensitive: Yes
  • Automatic Accompaniment: Yes
  • Learning System: Yes
  • Battery Operated: Yes
  • Input Ports: Jack 3,5 mm TRS, Jack 6,3 mm TS - Sustain Pedal
  • Output Ports: Headphone Jack 6,3 mm TRS
  • Colour: Black
  • Polyphony: 48
  • Backlit Keyboard: No
  • Sequencer: No
  • Number of Sounds: 622
  • Format support: SMF
  • Speaker Output: 5 W
  • USB to host: Yes
  • USB to device: No
  • USB midi: Yes
  • Width: 945 mm
  • Depth: 369 mm
  • Height: 118 mm
  • Weight: 4.6 kg
  • Adapter included: Yes
  • Country of Production: China
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