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Wireless Headphones | Product code:


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Combining cutting-edge amp tones and effects with groundbreaking BOSS surround technology, the revolutionary Waza-Air can take guitar playing to heights never before imagined. This personal listening system adds stunning realism to headphone playing, thanks to its gyroscope and moving 3D space. It offers a natural, rich, resonant tone that feels like you have an amp next to you and is endlessly inspiring. Exclusive wireless connectivity means no more cables to slow you down, and you can stream music straight from your phone as if you were performing with a full band at a gig. And with the BOSS Tone Studio app, you can create bespoke sounds with five types of amplifiers and more than 50 different effects.

The never-ending evolution of Waza innovation

As is tradition with BOSS Waza, Waza-Air combines decades of experience with groundbreaking innovation to deliver a breakthrough music product that pushes the boundaries of what's possible. Waza-Air is much more than just a headphone amplifier for guitars. It combines our cutting-edge technologies in amplifiers, effects and wireless connectivity with dynamic 3D sound to create a unique sound experience that has never existed before in guitar amplifiers.

Inspiring sound like with a physical amplifier

For most of us, playing with headphones is essential if we don't want to disturb our surroundings. Unfortunately, they lack the depth and spirit we know from playing with a real amp in a real room, leading to an unsatisfying experience. The Waza-Air changes all that, restoring the natural surround character, resonance and sense of the air rippling around you with sound that is lost with traditional headphones. The built-in gyroscope tracks head movement during gameplay and drives sophisticated 3D algorithms that give rise to a spatial realism so incredible you have to hear it. And it all happens automatically, so just plug everything in and play!

High-end amplifiers and effects

The Waza-Air features tones and controls derived from professional Katana amps, including complete customizability and a range of presets available via the free BOSS Tone Studio app. Five different amp types offer tones ranging from pure classical to high gain, as well as a full-range type perfect for bass or electro-acoustic guitars. There are also over 50 effect types, including Modulation effects, plus Delay and Reverb - all tailored to the unique surround experience that Waza-Air offers. And with six built-in memories, you can save your favourite settings and recall them at the touch of a button.

Choose your space

Waza-Air's advanced ambient settings let you play in three realistic environments. Surround mode places the amplifier in a virtual room, providing an immersive experience similar to playing in a recording studio. The mode makes everything even more tangible, as the combined sound of the amp and room changes as you move your head. And Stage mode lets you step into the foreground while the amplifier sound comes from an imaginary background.

Stream music and be in the middle of the action

As well as connecting wirelessly to BOSS Tone Studio, the built-in Bluetooth connection lets you play along with songs from your mobile device. In Stage mode, streaming background music plays along with your amp and integrates you into a virtual band! Just close your eyes and you can perform alongside your favourite artists and step to the front when it's time for your big solo. Song volume and playback can be controlled directly from Waza-Air, no need to reach for your mobile device.

No wires, no worries

All connectivity with Waza-Air is done without any wires for a worry-free experience. With the ability to move and play with complete freedom, you'll never get tangled in cables or accidentally cut your headphones. And with advanced wireless technology taken from BOSS' acclaimed WL series, you can always enjoy superior sound quality and a great gaming experience with ultra-low latency. Automatic standby and wake-up functions extend battery life between play, so the need for recharging is minimal.

High sound quality and durable construction

With large, custom-designed 50mm drivers, the Waza-Air delivers rich, full sound for both guitar playing and listening. The fit and cushioning and wide head bridge offer the perfect comfort for long playing sessions, while the durable construction ensures longevity for everyday playing and jamming. The Waza-Air can be folded into a very compact size and stowed away, it is also possible to fold the earcups flat and slide them into the pocket of your guitar case.
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  • Type: Closed-back
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Colour: Black
  • Country of Production: Thailand
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